Our Chapter has a wealth of talent and many dedicated members who have given much to improve the engineering profession. Now is the time to begin to recognize and reward them for their efforts on a state and national scale. To do so is good for them, the Chapter, and the future of our profession. By sending the positive message that we, as their peers are indebted to their service, we send the message that giving back not only provides dividends, but is necessary for growth and is the right thing to do.


The Awards Committee is seeking your input and nominations from our membership for the following TSPE & NSPE awards. Please note the award categories and summaries below and additional details in the respective links.


We have many potentially qualified and deserving candidates for these awards and welcome your ideas.


A panel of judges will determine each local candidate. Deadlines for submittal to TSPE-Greater Houston Chapter are as follows:

March 31 and April 1, 2012 award deadlines – January 1

April 30, 2012 deadline – February 1

July 15, 2012 deadline – April 15

October, 2012 deadlines – August 1

All 2013 awards – November 1, 2012


All submittals should be made to

 Also, we are in the process of developing the Awards Committee Judging Panel. If you are interested in serving, please contact Sydney Ealand at

State Awards

Industrial Professional Development Award (Submittal Deadline February 1)

TSPE’s Professional Engineers in Industry Practice Division annually presents this award to the Texas industrial performer judged to have the most outstanding engineering employment program from among those nominated by all of the chapters of TSPE. The award reflects TSPE's desire to publicly honor the industrial organization showing exceptional achievement in adopting and implementing professional employment policies for its engineering personnel. Winners of this award at the state level are automatically submitted for consideration at the national level. Click here for more information.


 Engineer of the Year

2015 Engineer of the Year!

Michael Talbott, P.E.     

and the Houston Chapter of TSPE 2015 Young Engineer of the Year 
Sydney Eifler, P.E.

National Awards

Engineering Education Excellence Award (March 31- Submittal Deadline January 1)

This Award was established to recognize engineering educators each year. This national award recognizes engineering faculty who have demonstrated the ability to link engineering education with professional practice. The recipients must be licensed and have a faculty appointment in an ABET-accredited engineering program. The recipients of the award will be recognized on the NSPE Web site and will receive a cash prize of $5,000. Click here for more information.

PEGASUS Award (March 31- Submittal Deadline January 1)

The Professional Engineer in Government Achievement and Service in the United States Award recognizes the engineer who has made the most outstanding contribution to the advancement and practice of engineering. The award will honor a registered professional engineer employed by a state, regional, county, special district, or municipal government. Judges will consider Civic/Humanitarian activities, education, engineering achievements and many more. Click here for more information.

Mentor of the Year Award (March 31- Submittal Deadline January 1)

The award may be given to an individual who has established a record of consistent outreach toward individuals in the engineering field, including engineering professionals and students, over a number of years. Click here for more information.

Young Engineer of the Year (March 31- Submittal Deadline January 1)

This award recognizes a young NSPE member who has made outstanding contributions to the Engineering Profession and the community during the early years of one's career. Click here for more information.

NSPE/PEI New Product Award (April 1- Submittal Deadline January 1)

This competition recognizes the results of those efforts and the foresight of the companies whose aggressive policies bring new products to the marketplace. Click here for more information.

PEPP Award (April 30- Submittal Deadline February 1)

The PEPP Award is given annually to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement and recognition of the role of private practice in serving the public interest. Click here for more information.

PEPP Merit Award (April 30- Submittal Deadline February 1)

The PEPP Merit Award is presented to committee chairs or members, PEPP members serving in liaison functions or on joint activities, or to any other member who has made significant contributions. In addition, the employer of a PEPP Merit Award recipient is recognized for the support the consulting engineering firm has given to the profession through the activities of the PEPP Merit Award recipient. Click here for more information.

PEPP Professional Development Award (April 30- Submittal Deadline February 1)

The PEPP Professional Development Award is presented to employers who exhibit exceptional career development initiatives and employment practices that advance the engineering profession. Click here for more information.

PEPP Chair Award (April 30- Submittal Deadline February 1)

The PEPP Chair Award is presented to a person or organization that has contributed to the engineering profession, the practice of consulting professional engineers, and the public's understanding of the role that the professional engineer in private practice plays in advancing the quality of life. Click here for more information.

QBS Award (July 15- Submittal Deadline April 15)

This award is to recognize public agencies that make exemplary use of the QBS selection process at the state and local level. Click here for more information.

New Faces of Engineering (October 21- Submittal Deadline August 1)

Engineers Week recognizes the accomplishments of all engineers. The New Faces of Engineering program highlights the interesting and unique work of young engineers and their resulting impact on society. Click here for more information.

Federal Engineer of the Year (October 31- Submittal Deadline August 1)

This award honors engineers employed by a federal agency that employs at least 50 engineers worldwide. Judges consider engineering achievements, education, continuing education, professional/technical society activities, NSPE membership, awards and honors, and civic and humanitarian activities. Click here for more information.