Continuing Education

PE Leadership Institute

PDH Credits:
April 2018 Meeting - Dr. Carolyn Ashe, M.B.A., “Ethics”
March 2018 Meeting - Mr. Rich Heine, P.E., “Best Construction Practices”
January 2018 Meeting - Mr. Mark Hoffman, P.E., “Houston Zoo’s Capital Improvement Planning Process”
November 2017 Meeting - Mr. Jeff Lindner, "Impact of Hurricane Harvey and how to be prepared for Floods in the Future"
September 2017 Meeting - Mr. Dennis Paul, P.E., "Legislative Update"
August 2017 Meeting - Mr. John Ho, P.E., "The State of NSPE/TSPE"
March 2017 Meeting - Mr. George Hartman,"Harris County Flood Control District Project"
January 2017 Meeting - Mr. George Hartman,"Ethics Update"
September 2016 Meeting - Mr. Greg Olinger and Mr. David Miller, "Coastal Water Authority Upcoming and Ongoing Projects"
August 2016 Meeting - Mr. Quincy Allen, "Major Projects in the Houston Area"
March 2016 Meeting - Daniel Wong, "Ethics Update"
January 2016 Meeting - Mark Vincent, "Port of Houston"
November 2015 Meeting - Galvestion Corp Commander, "Galveston Projects"
August 2015 Meeting - Mike Talbott, Jeff Lindner, "Memorial Day Flooding"
March 2015 Meeting - Dewey Helmcamp III, J.D., "Ethics Update"
January 2015 Meeting - Charles Stevens, "Freeway Corridor Technology Trends"
November 2014 Meeting - Jennifer McEwan, "Legislative Update"
September 2014 Meeting - Michael Turco, " Subsidence"
August 2014 Meeting - Jeff Lindner, "Texas Weather"
April 2014 Meeting - Norm Warpinski, "Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing"
March 2014 Meeting - Tim Lyng, Tomball Tollway
January 2014 Meeting - George Hartmann, Ethics
November 2013 Meeting - David Couch METRO Light Rail Construction
September 2013 Meeting - Houston Airport System by Thomas Mertens
August 2013 Meeting-TxDOT Updates by Mike Alford

Regional Leadership

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