The Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE) is a major group within the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and has a membership of some 6,000 at this time. The local Greater Houston Chapter has around 600 members in multiple disciplines including civil, chemical, mechanical, and electrical. The only requirement for membership is the person must either be a Licensed Engineer or be in the process of becoming licensed.

In order to assist the engineering profession in its responsibilities to protect the public health, safety, and property, the Texas Society of Professional Engineers is dedicated

    • To the restriction of the practice of engineering to properly qualified and licensed persons,

    • To the maintenance and observance of high ethical standards of conduct,

    • To the support of high standards of formal educational preparation for the practice of engineering,

    • To the continuing professional development of members of the engineering profession,

    • To the focusing of appropriate public attention upon engineering responsibilities and engineering accomplishments for the purpose of attracting qualified persons to the practice of engineering,

    • To the providing of appropriate assistance to its members to facilitate the pursuit of their professional goals.