Mentor Program

TSPE Young Engineers Mentor Program

The TSPE Young Engineers Mentor Program is designed to allow young chapter members to discuss their current struggles, future goals, or anything in between, with an established TSPE member. Participants in the program must be thirty-five (35) years of age or less, and a current member of the Greater Houston Chapter of TSPE. Participants will be assigned mentors based on their career paths or preferred topics of discussion. Mentors are also required to be current members of the Greater Houston Chapter of TSPE.

Potential Topics of Discussion Include:

- Contract Writing

- Lessons Learned

- First Time Managing Others

- How to Bring in New Clients

- Communication with Coworkers

Expectations for Participants:

- Meet 6-8 Times over the calendar year

- Groups will consist of 2-3 participants per mentor. Please work with your group to find convenient times and locations for everyone

- Participants will select topic of discussion prior to meeting, allowing mentor time to prepare

- Both participants and mentors should make all effort to attend monthly TSPE chapter meetings. Meetings will allow opportunities to interact with other groups and mentors