Political Action Committee for Engineers

The Political Action Committee for Engineers (PACE) distributes funds collected from members of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. These funds are contributed to candidates for legislative and statewide offices whose ideology and/or voting records are consistent with the goals and objectives of engineers. While the amount contributed may be modest in comparison to a number of other political action committees, this along with other Texas Society of Professional Engineers' involvement will allow us to continue to be a leading voice for Texas engineers. The PACE Board of Trustees meets several times a year to monitor political developments, formulate endorsements and recommend contributions to various candidates. Endorsed candidates do not necessarily receive PACE contributions, as some may be unopposed or simply not fully supportive of TSPE's legislative agenda.

In addition, PACE co-sponsors, along with the Legislative & Governmental Affairs Committee, a legislative reception early each regular legislative session. Finally, PACE and TSPE work together with other business and professional groups (such as the Texas Civil Justice League and Texans for Lawsuit Reform) in order to have an effective impact upon the election process, thus electing candidates to political offices who will help make a healthier economic environment for all Texans.

If issues such as protecting the integrity of your engineering registration, liability reform, taxation, competitive bidding, etc., are to be influenced by engineers, we must continue to increase our level of commitment so that our impact with elected officials will become more significant.

Engineering is an honored profession. Many studies have indicated that the general public has great respect for the engineering profession and the ethics that engineers exhibit. We must ensure that our profession remains in high esteem and make certain that those who aspire to reduce our position in society are not successful. We must make sure that we have a healthier business climate in Texas if we are going to have a higher standard of living for ourselves and future generations.

Please click the link for making donations to PACE.